If you are a treasure hunter like me-you probably have a designated spot in your home or garage, that holds all of your ‘special’ finds.  
Mine is in our attic. 
And the basement.
Oh yes, and let’s not forget all the stuff hubby threw in the potting shed, because it was cluttering up the garage!!!

Yes…as hard as it to say, it’s time.
I’m a treasure hunting addict!
And I have WAY too much ‘stuff’!!!  So much so-that yesterday, I finally decided it was time to organize it all-and…..sniff-sniff, get rid of some too.
I’ll admit-I wasn’t looking forward to letting anything go.  
But it had to be done-so off I went-up yonder to the attic, and began the long (and very emotional) process of sorting my treasures into two piles.  A ‘to go’ pile-and of course, a ‘keep’ pile.
Like I said-it was difficult- but after about two hours, I had successfully completed the task at hand.
I was so darn proud of myself, that I called hubby up to the attic to see the results of all my hard work, and to help carry down the ‘to go’ pile.
Hubby must have been so excited to see me finally getting rid of my stuff-because he was literally speechless when I told him which pile was the ‘to go’ pile.
Unfortunately his inability to talk didn’t last long.
 “You’ve got to be kidding,” he said, glancing down at the four items that sat proudly next to the stairs.  “You’ve been up here for hours, and this is all your getting rid of?”
Yep- and let me tell you, it was four items too many if you ask me!!
Obviously, hubby didn’t understand how difficult the whole process of letting go was-nor did he see the AMAZING potential in the items I kept.
Take this 3 tiered shelf unit……………………..

I can totally envision it as a spice rack!!!  Of course, it will require some scraping-and a couple of coats of paint-but the shelves are the perfect depth for the new spice jars I purchased after Christmas, so it’s a no brainer!  Keeping!

And this fruitcake tin???  Perfect for storage in my office-and who doesn’t love that rusty patina??? GORGEOUS!

Now this old bench has definitely seen better days-but I found it out on the farm, so there is NO way I’m letting it go.  It will need new boards on the top-and of course a coat of paint..but if I also add some pretty fabric-wouldn’t it make a cute footstool for my office?  I think so.

But the BEST find of the day-has to be…………………………

this GORGEOUS piece!!!

It used to be a mirror for an old dresser that I also found on the farm-but after a few coats of paint-


and some LOVELY fabric like this striped feed sack, and I think it would make a perfect headboard for our guest bedroom!!!

When I tried to explain all of this to hubby, he merely shook his head and headed back downstairs.

“Hey,” I called out.  “Aren’t you going to take the ‘to go’ stuff?”

I’m not sure,(because I was busy moving one or two items from the to go pile, to the keep pile), but I think I heard hubby say something about a rat?

Gosh I hope we don’t have one of those nasty buggers in our attic?

Oh well, it’s time to start sorting the stuff in the basement anyway!

What treasures are you looking to find this year?

Have a great weekend!!



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