I can’t tell you how happy and excited I am to finally have my office completed.  Okay, that’s not quite true.  I CAN tell you.  YIPPEE!!!  HOORAY!!!  WOOT! WOOT!!!

There-that pretty much sums it up.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a nice day.

What? Oh.  You want to SEE my office.

 Well sure. Why didn’t you say so?  I’d LOVE to show you how it all turned out.

Alright.  I suppose I should start with a ‘before’ picture, right?  After all, it’s important to see what I was working with, before I began making over the room.

Okay…here we go……

Pretty awful, wasn’t it?  What?  You don’t see anything but blank space?  Well yes, that’s correct. It was a blank space. Okay,  I suppose I could have taken a photo of the completely bare room with white walls and trim, but at the time, I thought it was a bit silly to do so.  Instead, I just wanted to get busy creating a space that inspired me.  A place where I would actually ENJOY spending 8+hours a day.  A place I could call my own.  I won’t lie.  It wasn’t easy.

The first thing I had to overcome was my indecision on the color palette.  One minute I thought I had it right, (see here), and the next, I realized it was totally wrong!  Everything I’d chosen wasn’t at all inspiring to me.  And then I remembered the antique vanity that was sitting unused in our attic.




It took days and days, (and plenty of cursing), to turn this vanity into my desk, but, in the end, it became the inspiration for the entire room.

The next step was painting the walls. (I used Glidden-Natural Wicker), and filling up all the bare space.

I’ve always hated the bi-fold doors that covered the entry to this room.  So…. I took them off, and with hubby’s talent and skill, we turned them into the centerpiece of my gallery wall!  I have a few more photo’s to add, but having all the smiling faces of those I love in my room-is truly an inspiration for me!

Another project I did, was add a little PIZAZZ  to this plain, white bookcase. I used the same paper (Magic Cover) on the back of this, as I did for the built ins in the dining room.  I love this paper!  It’s so easy to install, and I whenever I get tired of the pattern, it is even easier to pull off!!!



I wanted this room to be a place where I can work, and at times, relax.  So having a comfy place to read a book or favorite magazine, was a definite MUST!


This room was not only beginning to look like a REAL office, it felt like home!  Heck, even Mr. Bentley was starting to love hanging out in my space.

So, I did what any pet owner would do…..I gave him his own space! I might regret that later, when I tire of his snoring, but for now, he’s good to go.

I also added yet, ANOTHER chalkboard I made from an old picture frame.  And just like all the others in our home, hubby had to add his own touch of inspiration!

I didn’t mind though, because I couldn’t have installed this mini chandelier I purchased at a flea market for $5, without his help!!!  And even though we have to remove the drop down ceiling in the spring(along with several others), he didn’t even roll his eye when I asked!!!



Which, among other things, is why I love him so much!

And I LOVE my new office too!  So, I suppose it’s time to put my space to good use-and get to work!

I’ll be sharing at these amazing parties this week-so stop on over and be INSPIRED!!!



17 thoughts on “Office Makeover-Final Reveal!”

  1. The desk is amazing! I love the paint and all the drawers! My desk only has one little drawer in the middle and I dream of having so much storage (read hidden space to shove things πŸ™‚ ). Either way great job! Enjoy the space!

  2. your office is beautiful and inspiring. I have no blog party to feature you on, but I'm your newest follower! Maybe now I will be inspired to get past my own "color trauma quandary" and pick a paint and get 'er done in my own space.

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