I know I promised a reveal on my office makeover this week, but, things just HAVE NOT gone the way I planned. (Do they ever?)

As I mentioned in my last post-this desk has really become a HUGE thorn in my side!!! After spending a day trying to remove the veneer from the top of the desk, I finally reached out Googled, and found a so called ‘easy’ way to remove veneer.   Although it wasn’t as ‘easy’ as it looked in the tutorial, I was able to remove the rest of the veneer in about 2 hours. 

I was pretty excited to finally be done-and couldn’t wait to get started on the paint treatment that I had planned.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be. At least not yet.

You see-unbeknownst to me-there was a second layer of veneer on the top of this desk. I realized this, AFTER I had dry brushed the entire desk, and the top began to buckle.

Although this delay was extremely frustrating-it turned out that the paint was actually a plus, because the second layer came off quite easily.  I was OVER THE MOON happy!  I have BIG plans for this gorgeous desk-(this time the paint treatment is not the driftwood look like I’ve been obsessed with lately) and I really wanted to get it complete!!!  But again-this VERY impatient gal had yet another delay!

Not only was there 2 layers of veneer on the top of the desk-there was also a layer on the drawers!!!! 

So, needless to say-I am still working out of my dining room, and the reveal will be delayed.

But because I love you all so much-and I hate disappointing you, I thought I would give you a peek at some of the other projects I did complete in this room!

Hubby thought I truly HAD lost my mind when I asked him to cut the bi-fold doors that were in my office.  It took a lot of convincing (a bag of dark chocolate), but he finally gave in, and cut them in half.   I’m using the top half for a VERY special wall art feature in my office.  The photo above-was taken after I dry brushed the shutters with white paint, and antiqued it a bit with some gold paint.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise by showing you the completed wall art just yet……………

 But these rusty-looking picture frames that I made by combining 4 paint colors and some cinnamon, have something to do with it!!!!

Since I spend most of my days (and some nights) in my office, color and fabrics were a huge part of making this space feel both comfortable, and inspiring.

I’ll be getting back to my desk project tonight (wish me luck), and if all ends well, I’ll be sharing the room with you very soon!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!



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