Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend! 

It has  been so hot and HUMID here in our neck of the woods, that hubby and I, tried to stay indoors as much as possible.

After the hectic week we both had, we decided to take the day off on Saturday, and make a trip into the city, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch and some ‘retail’ therapy.

Yesterday, it was back to grind stone for me-where I made one last attempt to finish a very tedious, AND frustrating project I started on Friday night.

So what has me pulling my hair out, and hubby running for cover?

 (Sorry about the photo-I was under great duress when I took I with my phone!)

Remember last week when I posted that I had made some changes in my office to make it more inspiring?  And remember when I said that all I had left to do was some ‘final’ touches?  Well, it WAS true at the time I made that post.  But after I’d fluffed a few pillows and hung some wall art, I took one last glance at the room before taking photo’s, and something just didn’t look right.

I’ll be sharing my desk makeover and the updates to my office, later in the week.  But let’s just say-there was a good reason why I procrastinated for two years in making over this desk!!!

Now, onto the reason for this post-AND the reason I kept my sanity yesterday!

Biscuits and Gravy………….

There is something about this creamy(there’s that word again) and savory dish, that always brings me comfort!  And although  I needed all the comfort I could get on Sunday morning, I didn’t have a lot of time. (Okay, I had time-but that darn desk was weighing heavy on my mind-and I wanted to get it done!)

 So, I cheated a bit  A LOT, and used store bought biscuits.  I wish I could say I felt guilty doing so-but I didn’t.  These biscuits were just as flaky and buttery as my own-and all I had to do was put them in my cast iron pan and bake them in the oven!  YAH!!!!

Then it was time for the gravy.  I started by browning the sausage, and after I drained off some of the grease, I added 1/3 cup of flour.

I let the meat and flour cook down for a few minutes, and then I added 4 cups of milk.

While the gravy thickens-I add 2 teaspoons of ground pepper, and 1/2 – 1 tsp sage.  Of course you can buy sage flavor sausage-but sometimes I like a bit more sage flavor-so I like adding it directly to the gravy. 

By the time the gravy is done-so are the biscuits, and my kitchen smells AMAZING!

I added some buttery scrambled eggs with chives-and VIOLA-I was back to myself-and there was nothing I couldn’t do!!!!

Biscuits with Sausage and Sage Gravy

1 tube of Grand Southern Style biscuits
1 lb breakfast sausage
1/3 cup flour
4 cups milk
1/2-1 tsp dried sage
2 tsp ground pepper

Follow pkg directions for baking biscuits.  Meanwhile, brown sausage in medium fry pan. You do not have to drain meat-but if there is a lot of grease, I drain some of it off.  Add flour and mix well.  Let cook down for 1-2 minutes.  Add milk.  Bring to boil, and reduce heat.  Add sage and pepper.  Let simmer for 15-20 minutes until thickened. Makes 8 servings.

For more delicious breakfast recipes-check out the FROM MY KITCHEN page!

As for the desk-it’s coming together, but I’ll be working out of my dining room for today!

Happy Monday!



4 thoughts on “Biscuits with Sausage and Sage Gravy”

  1. Thank you so much for the sweet comments, Chris! I just checked out your blog, and LOVE it! The icing on the cake is you live in Canada!!(I was born in Toronto!) I am following YOU now!!! 🙂

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