When hubby and I decided to take on the MAJOR project of updating our kitchen, there were two main factors we had to take into consideration. 

The first was budget.  Since the kitchen isn’t the only room in our house that we are doing updates to this year, but IS one of the most important-we decided to split the project into four parts.

 By breaking the kitchen project up in sections, we are not only able to keep the budget we’ve allotted for that in line, but we could also plan each part according to our busy schedules, which was the second factor in getting this project completed-TIME!  Obviously, there is only so much time in a day,  and since it is summer, we definitely did not want to spend every weekend entrenched in a project.

The first part of our kitchen makeover was updating the kitchen cabinets.

Initially, we planned on refacing the cabinets,(approximate cost $1500), but after reviewing our LONG check list of projects (way more than expected), we decided our budget just wouldn’t cover the cost of doing so. That was when we came up with plan B-painting the cabinets.  As I stated in yesterday’s post, that project didn’t go quite the way we planned-so I am still in the process of putting everything back together.  I hope to have it completed by the end of the week-and show you the HUGE transformation! 

In the meantime-I wanted to share the inspiration behind our kitchen makeover. 


  Sarah Richardson is one of my FAVORITE designers, so it was a no-brainer that I would look to her first, for inspiration.


The moment I saw this kitchen design from season four of her show, “Sarah’s House’, I fell madly in love!

The rich contrast of the black counter tops and white cabinets will not only bring a bit of sophistication into our drab, outdated  kitchen………….


The little splashes of gray’s and blue’s, will also compliment the updates we’ve done in our dining room.

It certainly will take more time than this VERY impatient gal can tolerate, to get our kitchen looking as great as Sarah’s, but I can’t thank her enough for providing the inspiration I needed to keep pushing forward.

Thanks again everyone-for your patience and support while I’m busy trying to put the kitchen back together and the finishing touches on our dining room!

Blessings to all!!!

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