I wish I could tell you that I’ve been MIA for the last five days, because of some exotic adventure hubby and I were on.  Unfortunately, the only adventure’s we’ve been having at our house, is trying to figure out ways to cook up meals, because our kitchen -NAY- our ENTIRE house-is in COMPLETE chaos!

It all started on Wednesday afternoon.  After spending hours and hours of research (I seriously read at LEAST 50 blog posts, articles and tutorials on painting kitchen cabinets0, I set out to do EXACTLY what all the experts said to do.

By Friday evening when our daughter, Mel and son in law, Andy, arrived, I was exhausted, but felt completely confident that I had done EVERYTHING I was suppose to do to prepare for this MAJOR project. 

Let’s just say for now-that by Sunday morning, I was feeling a WHOLE lot LESS confident-when I had to improvise, and cook Father’s day brunch in the dining room, using two electric frying pans, and poor hubby was still spraying in the garage-like a mad man!!!

I’m happy to say-that by 6:00 last night-the cabinets were finally done.

So, what went wrong?  Why, after all the research and preparation, did things go south in our kitchen cabinet makeover?  Well, there are many reasons, and I’ll be giving you the whole play by play in a day or two(I promise you’ll be falling out of your chair laughing), + a list of do’s and dont’s, that will hopefully help anyone else who decides to take on a home project like this.

On a happier note…..our family received some VERY big news this weekend!  There are a few more details that need to be ironed out-but I promise to share it all with you- the very moment I can!!!

Thanks so much for your patience and support!  Love you all-and I promise to be back to tomorrow-but right now- I’ve got a kitchen that needs some SERIOUS cleaning!

Happy Tuesday!

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