Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel like your running in circles, and accomplishing NOTHING?

Well, that is exactly how mine has been going so far.

Of course, when hubby came home last night, and saw that I’d taken on yet ANOTHER project, he claimed he knew exactly why I am in such a conundrum!

“You have WAY too many irons in the fire,” he stated.

Maybe he’s right….(don’t tell him I said that-I’ll never live it down!)

There is the dining room makeover-which, though I only have a few details to complete….it isn’t complete.

And of course-there is the kitchen makeover-which got bumped up to start this weekend-because Mel and Andy generously offered to take one of their few available weekends this summer-to come and help paint the cabinets.

Which means-between work, laundry, gardening and sleep-I need to find time to take all the cabinets doors off, and get them ready for paint!

I suppose I should have been removing the kitchen cabinets and preparing them for paint………..

But I just couldn’t resist doing something I LOVE so much, and it truly is so rewarding to see this old table come alive again! If you’ve been following me-you’ll remember that I found this gem in mom’s basement.  It was a sorry sight, I’ll tell you.  It required some major reinforcement-as well as, sanding (there was some substance-grease? oil? that spilled on the top boards), but all the hard work was SO worth it.

(SIGH)- Even though the guest bedroom I put it, needs a new paint job, the floor sanded, and new window treatments-it doesn’t matter.  It will all get done….sooner or later. 
I guess that is what you sign up for when you buy and old house.  And I DO- so love this crusty, old one that we live in.  Even if it IS a lot of work-I keep telling myself it will be done soon.
Meanwhile-I can keep motivated by finding a few treasures now and then to makeover! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!
I’m linking up today with Duck’s ‘n a Row, so stop on by and check out all the creative and inspiring folks who are sharing their projects!!!

2 thoughts on “Antique Table Makeover!”

  1. Thank you, Janice! The original color was Lagune, I think, but I felt it was a 'bit' to bold for my taste, so I added a some white I had leftover. I'm so glad you stopped by, because I just checked out your blog and I love it! Good luck with your parlor table!

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