Over the years, I’ve learned that potato salad can be a very ‘controversial’ topic.  Some people will argue that the best potato salad is one that has A LOT of mustard.  Others might say that it isn’t the mustard that is so important, but the vinegar and quality of mayonnaise. Yet others will demand that none of those ingredients matter at all, as long as the salad is loaded with hard boiled eggs.

Regardless of how it’s made, you can count on one thing-potato salad will be a part of MANY of your summer gatherings, barbecue’s and holidays!

 Though I am not a HUGE potato salad lover, hubby is, so for Memorial Day, I conceded to his constant  pleading,(whining) and made a batch-but only on ONE condition!


Eh-I can hear you now!!  “NO EGGS!  Is she crazy??? Eggs are the BEST part of potato salad!”

I know.  I know.  It’s so….Un-American of me to despise eggs on my potato salad.  But, there you have it.  I unequivocally DO!

Like I said-potato salad is not one of my all time favorite summer dishes, but when I do eat it, that is ONE essential requirement before it even touches my lips!!!  (Okay, so I’m picky-blame my mother-not me!)

So, I said ONE essential requirement-which means-there has to be more…..right?  Well, yes there is.  ONE more.  Which means there are TWO requirements.  One-no eggs- Two-it must be….NO, it HAS to be…CREAMY!!!

Thankfully, I found just such a recipe, several years ago, in our 20+ yr old church cookbook!   I’m not sure if Helen is still cooking up a storm-but if she is…..I have a few words for her…(Warning-I will be screaming these words, so if that offends you, move onto the next line please.)  

Yes, that’s right folks!  I may not be a potato salad connoisseur, but I’m almost certain that good ole’ Helen created the most delicious, incredible, and yes, CREAMY-cooked salad dressing in the entire universe!!!

Which is why I have/had no problem making a potato salad here and there during the summer months.  Basically-this is a no fail recipe.  If you want more mustard flavor-go ahead and add more mustard.  If you want more vinegar..or mayo….have at it!  And…if you want….eh…..eggs…yes….load it up. (OMG!  Did I just write that?)

Anyway….when all is said and done, this recipe is a win win for everyone!!!  And the best part is-it’s so…..easy!!!!

Here is what you will need:

6-8 medium potatoes

1/2 cup chopped celery

1/2 cup diced yellow onion

2 dill pickles (chopped)

Cooked Salad Dressing:

2 eggs, beaten

6 Tablespoons white sugar

1 1/2 tsp dry mustard

1/3 cup vinegar

1 Tablespoon butter

 Boil potatoes in salted water, until tender.  Drain.  Place in bowl with ice cold water, to prevent further cooking, and let cool.  When cool-cut potatoes into cubes.  Add celery, onion, pickles, and salt and pepper to taste.  Set aside.  Meanwhile, Mix salad dressing ingredients together in a small saucepan.  Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thickened.  Let cool.  Mix with 2 Tablespoons Mayo. (You can also use sour cream).
Pour the dressing over potato mixture and toss lightly. (For those hard boiled egg lovers out there-you can add these now.)  Chill until ready to serve.

What are some ‘must haves’ in your summer dishes?

Happy Thursday!

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