I’m always amazed at how organized my daughter, Mel is, whenever she plans to host an event.  Big or small-it makes no difference-in the end, it ALWAYS turns out successful!  This weekend, (when she hosted a baby shower for a friend), was no different.

When I arrived on Friday morning, I couldn’t believe how calm she was.  I would have been a basket case knowing that the guests would be arriving in less than five hours, and I hadn’t even started cooking yet!!!

But I should have known Mel would have a plan.  And that she did!  In fact- she had SEVERAL plans.

A menu plan- (I took one look at this LONG list and started to sweat!)  A plan (diagram) of how she wanted the tables set up in their front yard)-A plan for decorating the tables- and A plan for how and when we would prepare the food.

So, without further ado-the two of us got started on preparing the many dishes on her menu- two of which included an ingredient I’ve never used- Balsamic Glaze.  Now, of course I’ve used Balsamic Vinegar in  vinaigrette’s, etc, but glaze?  Nope.  Never heard of it.

Leave it to Mel.  She’s always teaching her old mom something new!

This simple salad (thick chunks of fresh mozzarella and tomato, topped with basil) is DELICIOUS all on it’s own.  But….add a drizzle of Balsamic Glaze, and POW…..you’ve got  a mouthful of flavor and the perfect s salad for any summer party.

Speaking of summer……well, it just wouldn’t be summer without grilling, right?  And since Mel’s hubby, Andy, was already grilling up kabobs, she figured why not add one more dish?

Again, this asparagus dish is simple, and the tart lemon and peppery rosemary is the perfect combination to make it OH so yummy!  Add a little butter and you’re guests will think you went to culinary school!  At least that is what I told Mel when she showed me this masterpiece.

So, with that said, I was little surprised when she reached for the Balsamic Glaze and began pouring it on this dish too! 

Sure, it was good on the tomatoes, but asparagus?  No way!

Well, once more-Mel proved me wrong.

Needless to say- I purchased a bottle of this thick, rich, syrupy wonder- yesterday, and plan to use it many of my recipes.

Mel will be putting these recipes and several others on her page soon-so check them out!

Until then…….

Happy Monday!

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