Experts say that the most important meal of the day is breakfast.  I agree.  The truth is- I can’t even function in the morning, if I don’t get something in my tummy! (Along with a couple of ‘must have’ cups of coffee-of course!)
The problem was- I’d married one of ‘those’ people.  You know-the one’s that don’t eat breakfast!

Crazy right?  How can anyone pass up a thick stack of pancakes drowned in butter, and drizzled with sweet maple syrup?  Or what about a rich, buttery omelet, with sausage and a crispy hash browns?  Blasphemy I say, plain and simple!

Unfortunately, these culinary delights did nothing to convince hubby that breakfast really is for champions.

‘I’m not hungry,’- was his usual comment as he raced out the door for work.  Or,  ‘I don’t have time.’

Sadly, it took hubby a bout with diverticulitis, and doctor’s orders, before he finally agreed to make breakfast the first meal of his day.

He started slow-grabbing an apple or banana on the way out the door.  Soon after-he started getting up a few minutes earlier to actually sit down with a steaming bowl of oatmeal, or fruit filled yogurt.

Today, I can happily say that hubby has turned a major corner.  He not only eats a hearty, healthy breakfast, he actually enjoys it.

In celebration of hubby’s love of breakfast, I thought I would share one of his favorites.

This recipe is not only quick and easy-it is also healthy!

The ingredients: 

To save time, I cut up the ham, red onion, tomatoes, and spinach the night before.


Heat skillet with 1 TBLS. of olive oil.  Add onion, ham, tomatoes and spinach in the skillet and cook until the spinach begins to wilt and the ham is heated through. Place 8 inch tortilla between two paper towels and microwave for 20 sec.  Beat egg with a tablespoon of skim milk and add to mixture, stirring constantly.  Add cheese.  When cheese has melted, remove from heat and place in center of warmed tortilla.  Wrap and serve with salsa.                                               

Viola!  A Breakfast for a Champion!
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