Have I told you that I am Ree Drummond’s biggest fan?  I know- you are all probably shaking your heads and saying, “No way!  You can’t be, because I am!”

Well, okay-to avoid any bad feelings, I’ll concede that I’m probably not alone!  But, I bet your DVR isn’t filled with as many episodes of ‘The Pioneer Woman’, as mine is! (Unfortunately, the show is on Saturday mornings in our neck of the woods, so I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that magic box connected to our TV!)

 Ree’s infectious smile, and genuine love for cooking is so inspiring to me!  Never mind the fact that she is ‘SUPERWOMAN’!  (Did you see that episode where she cooked up lunch for football camp?) 120 sandwiches!!  I would have been a basket case cooking for all those hungry children.  But not Ree! 

Okay-so I’ll stop gushing about one of my favorite mentor’s, and get back to the purpose of my post.

Salted Carmel Sauce!
Yes, that’s right.  Ree saved me by sharing her recipe for the most amazingly delicious, and….wait for it….yes- you got it- SIMPLE Carmel sauce!
So, what makes The Pioneer Woman’s recipe so simple?   
 Well, first off- you don’t have to stand over a pot of sugar and wait for it to become that ‘perfect’ shade of carmel.  You also don’t have to watch that glorious pot of sweetness-change in mere seconds to a crystallized mess!!  
Yes.  That is what happened to me,(twice in fact) when I tried another, ‘not so simple’ recipe.  Frustration doesn’t even come close to what I was feeling that day!  All I wanted to do is make up a batch of special Carmel sauce to add to my Christmas baskets, and I was failing miserable.  
I was just about to give up when Da-da-duh-  Enter….SUPERWOMAN aka Ree Drummond- who came to my rescue, via  The Pioneer Woman blog!  Of course Ree would have a carmel sauce recipe and easy to boot!  Why didn’t I think of that before I ruined 2 cups of perfectly innocent sugar?
Let’s make a batch together shall we?
You will need 5 ingredients (all of which, you already have on hand.)
1/2 cup half & half
4 Tablespoons butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla
Pinch of Salt

I added the butter to a large saucepan first, and let it melt a bit, because it was hard as a brick!

Add the sugar, salt and half and half-and begin whisking! (Funny looking whisk I know-but after this picture I did switch out the spoon for one!)

Look at that bubbly, yummy, deliciousness! (It will start to thicken after it cooks for 5-7 min on medium heat.)

Add the vanilla and let cook for about 1 minute more.

Then add the salt and pour into a jar.  Let cool.

 As you can tell- I am not a patient person.  But a cook has to taste test it first- Right?
This sweet/salty sauce goes with everything, including my apple crisp-or check out Ree’s ice cream pie!
I’m heading out this afternoon with a basket of goodies for my mom.  I think I’ll add a jar of this sauce!  She already devoured the one I gave her for Christmas!
Wishing you  success in your cooking-but if all else fails….remember-SUPERWOMAN is just a few taps of your finger, away!

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